Thursday, April 27, 2006

tin mule

I've long admired those little metal plaques that people used to put on the front of their houses in the 50s and 60s of say a mexican asleep under a palm tree or a donkey wearing a sombrero (i know, i need help) but when we moved into our own 60s cream brick monster i decided we needed one too. I knew i'd never turn anything up at a garage sale so when i noticed a nice example on a nearby house i snapped a little pic. With a bit of photoshop and illustrator i scaled up a template which i drew onto a piece of tin and then spent three days tinsnipping out and painting. It's now screwed to the front wall of the house, not noticed by anyone but me. Ahhh the things you do.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

hippy birdy to you

Between us this weekend Romany and i racked up 48 years. Her party was a raucous affair with wild dancing, revelry and broken heirlooms (a tasteful boab nut and shell ensemble), and mine was a gentle soiree at the river with champagne, stacks of kids, ball games, dolphins passing at sunset and sadly, no wild dancing.

Monday, April 10, 2006

down to dunny

We've just spent the last week in Dunsborough in one of the last remaining original beach shacks. Every time we go down, there are more 3 storey glass and steel resort villas along the beach which are embarrassingly ostentatious and charmless but probably a feck of a lot more comfortable than where we stayed. I was smitten with the 1950s kitchen decor and gorgeous green bathroom but not so crazy about the 1950s sheet of lead covering the bathroom floor and the fact that there were no sofas! Call me old but on holiday i like to have a bit of a lounge on a lounge.

Luckily there were other attractions like beautiful bush and coastal walks, caves, lots of wine and the church op shop open on fridays where i was delighted to score six badmington bats and two shuttlecocks for three bucks.