Thursday, August 09, 2007

bums on seats

there's all sorts of upheaval here at the moment. I've been talking to gas people, electrical people, wall people, furniture people...

Our old club lounge was slowly sinking to the ground so i advertised it in the paper thinking no-one would want it. Well it sold and i immediately regretted it because i loved that old lounge. Then i bought a new one and i was lucky because they had the exact one i ordered actually in stock so there was no 3mth wait for delivery (which is apparently what happens when you buy a sofa). When it came though it wasn't the one i ordered but a bigger one which has completely scuppered my plans for moving it into the 'sunroom bit' when that's built. So now i don't know whether to send it back and get the size i want made up (3mth wait) or to keep it and learn to live with the size of it (it's fecking huge) or whether i even like it at all - it's so new. And big. And 'contemporary'.

And as you can see from the middle photo the guy who bought the old lounge suite hasn't picked it up so we're in a turmoil furniture.