Wednesday, July 26, 2006

phwash foosh blam aaaah!

Ugghh i hate cleaning. I've wasted valuable hours today cleaning the bathroom and bedrooms - with the girls back at school i didn't have an excuse for the squalor. But what gets me is i've scrubbed, slopped, vacced and mopped and i'm just going to have to do it all over again in three months time! It's cruel.

Someone gave me a Batman comic when i was living in Spain and i've carted it around for over 10 years (an easier and jollier read than Freud's 'Paranoia and Obsessive Neurosis' which i also have in Spanish) But a couple of weeks ago i saw something on the interweb about making bags out of woven magazine pages and was inspired to do this with it.

Yes i know i have enough bags, thank you for pointing that out.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

serious craft committed

This week i've been involved in all sorts of crazy stuff.
I mean no beany kid should be expected to get about without a pair of crutches and a nice pair of earrings according to my girls...

and there's been button bouquets...

more silly hats and fun with our best friend the sticky tape...

the craft which always has to be produced after watching Playschool, in this case a 'lightbox'...

for which, thankfully, we have a ready supply of empty beer cartons...

and the silliest of all...

the mouse cozy.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

holiday cheer

The first week of school holidays has been action packed. We've made about a dozen silly hats, been to the museum, produced nearly 3 kilometres of fingerknitting, shopped, visited, been swimming, backed the car into someone else's and spilt coffee on the keyboard resulting in three dead keys (i was responsible for the last two).
I'm expecting more of the same next week.

Happily, the garden is still there despite the dryest winter on record.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

chaos theory

Before (natural state)

Two hours later (aaah...)

Five minutes later (natural order resumed)

Sunday, July 02, 2006

flamenco satchel

I've been wanting to make a bag out all my left over bits of vinyl for a while and after successfully reupholstering my sofa cushions i thought i was up to it. When i noticed the Whiplash comp was all about bags this month i figured i had no excuse. But man, i'll never do it again! My poor 50 yr old (beautiful) Elna Supermatic really struggled with the multiple layers of vinyl and much swearing and sweating was required.
But, anyway, here it is, it's big, sturdy, red and blue and really comfortable to wear, so i'm happy. I've sewn a couple of my favourite 3D spanish postcards on to the flap and covered them with clear plastic and lined it with a hawaiian print.

As far as a category choice goes, tutorial and skill don't really apply so i guess i'm going fancy.