Saturday, February 18, 2006

about me

I'm 43 (what!?) and over the last 20 odd years I've:
lived in five different cities in four countries;
visited or travelled in around ten other countries;
graduated from three universities;
failed to start a career;
had at least twenty different jobs including graphic design, language teaching, chalkboard illustration, casino work, tutoring and fruit pickin’;
lived at about thirty addresses including around twenty shared households;
made most of my own clothes;
kept a diary of my long, lucid and vividly violent nightmares;
ridden a motorbike for two years;
hitched 3000km in three days;
learnt two new languages;
moved back to the place I grew up, settled down and had two gorgeous daughters.
So now I spend all my time:
debating with my partner in this latest adventure the best way to bring up a couple of civilised humans;
cutting bread into tiny triangles (or big squares depending on the latest preference);
refusing people nutella for breakfast;
feeling guilty for feeding people nutella for breakfast;
moderating my alcohol intake to the recommended number of 'units' per day;
realising I've consumed double the recommended number of alcohol units;
growing bromeliads;
making my own clothes
and putting dinner on the table EVERY SINGLE NIGHT OF THE WEEK!


Bronwyn said...

Wow, I'm impressed, you've learnt & done so much & seem to have such freedom, good on you! :-)

emma anda said...

What a gorgeous blog, can't wait to read heaps more when I get back from my daughter's swimming lesson. A lovely woman I met at Buster the Fun Bus a few weeks ago, Deb, mentioned your name to me after I mentioned my recent discovery of to her, so I jumped online and found you. Will have to find your etsy shop next. Your garden looks so lush and green in January, what's your secret!? :+)