Sunday, June 25, 2006

big spender

We spent two grand yesterday people, TWO GRAND!! Which seems irresponsible to me considering we're going on a holiday to the uk in september that's going to cost a fecking fortune! But apparently money is for earning and spending, earning and spending like that in a happy little cycle - there's no need to squirrel away every cent like i've done for my entire existence. I've even managed to save money while only earning the poverty line student allowance (thrifty is the kind word for my condition - there are others.)
Luckily Mr M has more of a spending inclination than me otherwise we'd be living in a tent and only eating ground nuts and fallen fruit. Which i actually did once. I was staying at a campsite for a few months in New Zealand that had a walnut tree and a feijoa tree and i managed to live for three days on walnut and feijoa salad. I felt tough and resourceful - my tent mates just felt hungry. Eventually we went back to our diet of weetbix and mars bars.
Which reminiscence reminds me of a bloke i met once in Cairns who in a previous life had been an art director for a big advertising agency but had gotten sick of his shallow and meaningless life and decided to renounce all worldly goods and scavenge for a living. He used to paddle his dugout canoe to remote beaches to plant fruit bearing trees and take willing tourists into the steamy daintree to teach them survival skills but his real talent was scavenging food out of bins in town. He taught me and my travel companions some of his tricks and we shared many meals of left over pizza, pies and even icecreams without spending a cent. Aaah happy days.
So yes two grand - we bought a new bed, two new rugs and new paint for bon's bedroom. And that's all my news for now.

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