Wednesday, July 26, 2006

phwash foosh blam aaaah!

Ugghh i hate cleaning. I've wasted valuable hours today cleaning the bathroom and bedrooms - with the girls back at school i didn't have an excuse for the squalor. But what gets me is i've scrubbed, slopped, vacced and mopped and i'm just going to have to do it all over again in three months time! It's cruel.

Someone gave me a Batman comic when i was living in Spain and i've carted it around for over 10 years (an easier and jollier read than Freud's 'Paranoia and Obsessive Neurosis' which i also have in Spanish) But a couple of weeks ago i saw something on the interweb about making bags out of woven magazine pages and was inspired to do this with it.

Yes i know i have enough bags, thank you for pointing that out.


Janet said...

That is fantastic! My first question would be how did you do that? I love how colorful it is.

cactus said...

hi Janet, i'm not sure if this is how one goes about answering a blog question but here we go. I folded individual pages into strips and covered them with sticky tape, then i wove all the pieces into a sheet. Then I just folded the sheet up into a bag shape (a bit of cutting here and there) and sticky taped it all together. Then i made the lining and handles and sewed them onto the woven bag. Voila