Wednesday, February 07, 2007

out, out damn concrete!

When we moved into our house nearly four years ago the garden was basically four or five hundred square metres of concrete. It was built in the '60s by an italian grano worker who needed somewhere to park a truck. Hence this industrial size driveway that extended all the way to the back fence.

It was a labour of love and pure bloody-mindedness, but now it looks like this..

and this..

and this!

The most recent owner had covered the entire front yard with slabs leaving three trees floundering in a sea of concrete. We ripped the lot up (not the trees) and now it looks like this...

and at the right time of day, like this.

It's really flourished, all except for the ivy which i'm trying to get to cover the ugly house and which hasn't grown a leaf in two years! (And there were the mysterious deaths of several natives but we don't talk about them).

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