Wednesday, May 17, 2006

arty farty party

I've just been posting over at my other blog about some of the thrillingly cheap pictures we have on our walls and it reminded me of a party we went to a few years ago where everybody had to turn up with a piece of 'art' that they'd made, which was duly hung and exhibited for the night. It was a great idea and there was some really funny stuff - no one was what you'd call an artist, mainly scientists and engineers. My 'piece' was inspired by my nut and shell souvenirs that i like so much and was made out of boab nuts, carob and eucalypt pods, sea sponges and pipecleaners and mounted on a mat that i'd woven from a flax which had died in the garden. A flurry of pompoms and voila. lit up!
Mr M produced a very elegant work consisting of little numbers that he'd pulled off lamp posts at a redundant lamp post depot. Who'd have known there was such a thing.
I think my favourite of the night though, was Ice Stallion which consisted of a small picture of a rearing horse carved out of ice standing next to a bowl of melting ice blocks.

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