Friday, May 26, 2006

a bit prickly

I've just been reading a post by Christi Nielsen at I'm Just About to Get Skinny (wow i made a link) and i, like her am agog at what has become the latest exercise craze. Pole dancing has become mainstream - our local free rag carries ads and runs articles about it, 'studios' are opening up all over town and i for one am embarrassed for women. I can't see how striving to be a sex object or a male fantasy is liberating. How is it 'empowering' or let's face it, even dignified, to pretend to have sex with a pole?
And don't get me started on g-strings, holy christ!
Sheesh, back to the garden. It's Autum!

the garden's drowning in leaves
- and the cactuses are flowering.

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