Friday, March 17, 2006

increases jeers around the street

Since my girls both started school full time six weeks ago i've been busier than i even was when i had them at home. I was expecting to be lazing around doing cryptic crosswords at my leisure but there's been no time for that. I've played tennis, been to my doctor, been to a wedding and put up at least eight shelves including these ones.

I ordered security screen doors which took weeks of organising, made an arm pouch to carry the ipod and noticed that our old lounge suite needed a revamp which, because i'm too miserly to pay anyone to do anything for me, i decided to do myself. Behold before and after.

Hopefully, once i'm over the novelty of being able to do what i want, i'll stop wanting to change and fix everything and just chill out (or do some housework... or get a job). Who knows?


Anonymous said...

boosts :)

kath red said...

woah very swish - love it