Thursday, August 10, 2006

conventional coat hat

The Whiplash project this month is wardrobe surgery which is how most of my clothes come about so i thought i'd better get involved. I bought this old jacket from my local St Vinnies for the princely sum of two bucks but it was longer than i wanted so i cut a chunk off the bottom, hemmed it and added darts. It's been freezing here in Perth and i feel the cold more than most so i decided to use the leftovers to make a fluffy hat.

When i explained to M (the Man) the deconstruction/reconstruction theme he said that making a hat out of a coat was too predictable and conventional and what i should be doing was i don't know, fibreglassing an old shirt and turning it into a suitcase or something. Which apart from the fact that i've got enough suitcases isn't a bad idea.
In the meantime though, i'll be out sweltering in my new fluffy hat because - yep the sun's out and it's warm!



Anonymous said...

Fabulous. I think it's recycled/deconstructed fashion at its finest!! What's M been making lately? ;-)
cheers and congratulations from Lisa at blogdogblog

susan said...

i love it. in fact, i think it is not that predictable and looks quite warm and wonderful! brrrr. it reminds me that winter will be coming here, far too soon.
great job!

Heather said...

Looks very elegant - nice job!!

bekka said...

wonderful way to use your cast off cuttings.

futuregirl said...

There is nothing like a matching coat and hat set. Too cute! What a great idea.