Friday, August 18, 2006

proof the letterbox works

phwoah check it out wouldyer! I won a prize - something real that came out of cyberspace and landed in my letterbox.
And here it is. I'm chuffed.

and the other thing that's got me excited is this chair that i found on someone's verge. The base had colapsed and it sat at a precarious angle but i'm a sucker for that pearly green vinyl so i dragged it home hoping we would find another base to sit the chair on. Then Mr M had the genius notion of straightening it and filling the base with cement so now it's in the study getting cosy with the computer and the sewing machine - but not really getting moved around too much 'cause it weighs a ton.


Janet said...

what a great chair, and it matches your sewing macine! we're very fond of finding & fixing too..

t-da said...

I've just stumbled across your blog, I'm laughing out loud, not sure why, but think it's the mum with 2 girls thing. I seem to be having a groundhog day like the one you described in one of your posts. so felt somehow connected and srangely relieved.