Sunday, September 17, 2006


It's only a week until we put our lives in the hands of the pilot of flight QF 71 to London. I never used to think about flying like that but there you go, becoming a mum has made me fearful and irrational.
A few of my other fears (some with very solid foundation) are:

a) that we're leaving the house flea ridden for our house-sitter. We treated the cat recently so the fleas have taken up residency in every part of the house that isn't the cat

b) that when we arrive in the uk it'll be 5am but 1pm for us. For their usual bedtime of 8pm the kids will have to go to bed around 12 noon. I can't see it happening

c) that we've all got worms

d) that we'll get stuffed nicked (never travelled with so many gadgets before) and

e) that we'll forget something vital we already own and have to buy another one (don't like unneccessary consumption).

And as proof (as if i need it) of how set in my ways i've become i'm taking a packet of my favourite coffee in my luggage - organic fairtrade decaf ( i know i'm a wanker but it's the only stuff i can handle these days).

So, off we go - see yers when we get back.

In the meantime here are some shots through our windows.

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