Tuesday, October 31, 2006


oh it's hard to be back in the real world even after a mere month of floating free. We've stayed in seven different towns, visited another nine and seen 40 odd family and friends including 19 kids. Here are just some of the place names we passed driving around England.

In England we ran the gamut of the class system and were shocked by wealthy boarding schools and the young age kids are shipped off to them, CHAVS (council house and violent), people smoking in restaurants, speeding drivers, gangs of L plate motorbike riders racing each other in traffic and nettles!
And we were awed and thrilled by thatched cottages, 1000 year old castles and accidentally spotting stonehenge in the middle of a paddock as we hacked along the M5.

In Spain we were shocked to discover that even an international company like Europcar shuts from 1 to 4 in the afternoon for siesta and if you want to drop off a car at 1.15 you just can't. You have to park illegally and hang out in bars and cafes for 3 hours until they open.
Also we found that the Guggenheim is great and the playground outside it is even better.

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Christine said...

I know this is an old post but I followed a link for the whipup alt craft competition and saw your reference to Snape (one of my favourite places to go shopping) and I kept reading back and found this post with all the place names! I work at Martlesham Heath and live in a village called Kirton which is about 10 minutes drive from there. It makes me smile to see all those familiar place names on a blog by someone from australia!