Wednesday, November 15, 2006

high heel hell

Having your chillun both at full-time school is a bit like being back at school yourself. All those hundreds of other parents to negotiate means there are the same gossips and bullies and cool crowd that you're never quite part of as there were at high school. Sometimes it freaks me out to be honest, although one on one, they're all good folk so on Friday night we fronted up for the School Dance.

The theme 'Op Shop Glam' was great. Normally i don't like theme parties but this one was made for me - well, apart from the glam bit. I already had plenty of op shop frocks to choose from though and bought a pair of platform boots from St Vinnies for a buck. I hadn't worn this dress since before i had kids.

It was a lot of fun, the band was great and the sea of froufy taffeta frocks was a sight to behold.

My feet took four days to recover - now i know why the boots were in St Vinnies.

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