Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Great Yarmouth is one of the Great Bastions of Tack in the uk. A seaside town with a bingo hall on the pier, a never ending mall of tacky souvenir shops down the middle and dozens of money-sucking games parlours all along the sea front. We were agog at the wonder of it.

So now we have this Great Box of 'funny teeth' to remind us of all the fantastic things we saw and did in England.

In the north of Spain, though, it was different, i couldn't find any of the great kitch junk that fills the souvenir shops of Madrid. Eventually i realised why there were no 3D flamenco postcards or fans or fake castanets - the Basque don't consider themselves to be Spanish.

Unfortunately the basque souvenirs were a bit ordinary but these chocolate sardines cheered me up. And finally, at the airport duty free as we left, i found this fab bum-pouring bull bottle which - even better - is full of sangria.

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