Tuesday, February 28, 2006

socks and stuffs

Just before christmas i ordered a copy of John Murphy's Stupid Sock Creatures from amazon and these guys are my first attempt. They are both, let's say, based on patterns in the book but the instructions were so detailed and lengthy and i'm so lazy that i found shortcuts and fudging was neccessary. I was surprised how tricky they were to make requiring lots of cursing so i think i'll be sticking to my own simple designs like these from now on.

This last critter is a toy i made for my nephew based on one of his drawings. Might do a whole series of these, i've got a great collection of beautiful kids' drawings stashed away.

This page looks a bit clunky but I might eventually sort out this formatting lark.


Khade said...

Hello I think he is so cute and his
name is Murphy and he has a special place on my bed.And I love his little socks.

Anonymous said...

Estos muñecos son fantásticos y esta web, con todos sus elementos, son las cosas que consiguen que el mundo sea mucho más divertido. From Madrid, to love. Marisa.