Sunday, February 26, 2006

un ojo

When i met my aunty Mary twenty years ago she told me about a dream she'd had that an old boyfriend had given her a kitten as a present which had three eyes. She said for her it was a very special present and that it was typical of that particular person to give her something so exotic and unusual. I thought at the time that if it had been my dream, a kitten with three eyes would have horrified me and not been the least bit enchanting. Almost ten years later i had my own version of the dream but the kittens had eyes all over their bodies. One had two rows down its belly like teats and there were spare eyes scattered all over the floor. In the chaotic frustration of my dream i even managed to tread on a couple on the kitchen floor. A few years later i was walking throught a food market in Madrid and i felt something dollop up against the side of my boot. I looked down and saw an enormous eyeball skittering across the floor. The look on my face sure gave the butcher a good laugh.

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