Sunday, February 26, 2006

dream archive #1

I recently found this dream that i'd written down years ago -

Mum had opened a really expensive and exclusive restaurant and i went along one night to check it out. She was flitting around and talking to customers and i watch one guy order and entre that costs $800. When it arrives it's four boiled chicken drumsticks standing upright in a white cup. He starts eating and when he's not looking i pinch one to see if it's worth the money. It's stuffed with little bits of broccoli but just tastes like boiled chicken. When he's finished he complains about the size of the serving for the price. My (then) two year old is with me and she falls asleep on a bed that's there. I decide to leave her and go and see mum who's gone home to fix up a piece of furniture she wants to sell. She lives just down the street so i walk. She's stripping an old art deco cupboard so i leave her and go back to the restaurant. When i get back they're clearing up and talking about going for a drink and a smoke. I'm invited but my nephews have turned and i need to do something with them so i ask the staff if they have my sister's number and a girl says here i'll phone Wendy (not my sister) so i say what's the use of that, where's mum's or sister's numbers? I can't find them on a list by the phone, then Wendy answers but she cant hear me. They tell me i need a token but by the time i get one she's hung up. I'm starting to become furious and really start abusing them for being so disorganised. I take my daughter and the boys out into the street still yelling at the restaurant staff (gawd). We head over to my car but when i get there i notice my doors are open, the radio's gone, the battery's gone and there's an electrical cord running from the ignition into the house in front. Through the window i can see some girls and i pull out the cord. There's yelling from inside the house and someone comes to the door and starts threatening me. I run telling the kids to follow me but when i look back my baby's run the other way and gone inside the house. I turn back and run into the house to get her. As i pick her up a short guy with huge arms starts making gestures to hit me and is chasing me around the kitchen. The others in the house are laughing at me and how terrified i am and i wake up. It's a normal day

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