Friday, March 03, 2006

the best mum in the whole university

Just so i remember to appreciate how lucky i am these days with my two beautiful girls here's something i found that i wrote down a couple of years ago when they were two and four.
"Today wasn't as bad as yesterday but it was pretty awful. I wonder if all this yelling and swearing is going to have any harmful long-term effect on me. Not to mention the girls.
Romany dropped a full bowl of weeties and milk all over the red shag rug (I didn't shout about that). They fought and yelled about who'd have the doll pram and Romany poured water all over the bench (a full kilo tub of honey yesterday). Bonny didn't want to eat what i made for lunch (french toast), so we went to King's Park in desperation to get out of the house. It was freezing but we stayed for two hours and a couple of times i lost Bonny and had to search around in a panic til i found her. When we got home i was exhausted and tried to read the paper while they went upstairs. I told Bon "let me know if Romany does anything naughty, i don't want her in the dressing room". After half an hour of blissful silence i found them covered in my moisturisers, mascara, makeup and lip balms with great chunks cut out of their hair and gunk smeared all over the walls, windows and Mark's clothes. All the teddies and dolls were wearing sanitary napkins. I was mad. They cried and complained until dinner and as i was making it Romany pulled a whole bowl of peas onto the kitchen floor."

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cpdot said...

well sherri... that day has sure topped any day i have had! We still love 'em...even if they do act out incredible scripts for horror movies!!^$#&^$*&