Monday, March 20, 2006

sun, sea, surf and beached cattle

I had a surfing lesson yesterday. Something i wasn't too thrilled about especially since we had to head off to the beach at 8:30am and we'd been drinking merrily the night before bidding farewell to Mr Moon who's gone to live in Melbourne. Due to having to organise the girls and general bumbleheadedness we didn't take the camera so there's no proof that i did actually manage to get my feet underneath me a couple of times. The rest of the time my legs got tangled in a heap and i'd end up riding my board sidesaddle like i was the queen mum, until i was dumped face-first in 2cm of water. For some reason i never got the hang of jumping off the board before i bit the sand but it sure was fun - i'm ready to do it again.

Afterwards we wandered down to Cottesloe for the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition and ate lunch admiring three bleached, bloated cow carcasses which appeared to have washed up onto the beach from a passing livestock ship. Lots of fun there too, pity we didn't have the camera! In fact because there's no photographic evidence of any of these events here's a picture of a packet of prawn crackers. I love that box.

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