Friday, March 09, 2007


the verdict is in on our home grown bananas. We've waited 5 and a half months since the first enormous purple bract peeled up and revealed a row of tiny fruit and we thought they'd never ripen. We cut one hand off while it was still green and ripened them in a bag with an already ripe banana and i can happily report that they're riquisimas!

Not knowing what type of banana it was i thought they could have been the tasteless cooking variety but no, they're sweet with a nice tang. We had six or seven hands of 10 bananas each in the bunch and now they're starting to yellow up on the plant.

the lime tree is also burgeoning so it could be banana splits and cuban cocktails this weekend. (but probably not)


Mary Jane said...

The "bone girl"! I love your house. And lucky you to have bananas.

nutmeg said...

I've been catching up on new visitors to my blog! Thanks for visiting a couple of weeks ago :-)

You've done amazing things with your backyard - it looks truly beautiful. A mix of producing and flowering plants. My dream garden!

And that skirt - that fabric! Absolutely stunning. Unfortunately, if someone gave me a pile of fabric I wouldn't know how to put it to such good use.

Kathie said...

Actually growing your own bananas, and limes, AND mangoes--beyond my wildest dreams in frozen Wisconsin. Enjoy!