Wednesday, March 14, 2007

on the beach

on sunday we headed down to the beach to check out the sculpture exhibition. In some ways i think art on the beach is a redundant concept, especially in Perth where the beaches are dazzling and enough stimulation for body and soul on their own, but on the other hand you couldn't have a more stunning backdrop for some of these things. And sometimes the work becomes art because it's placed on the beach. A few years ago there was a huge stack of old suitcases that wouldn't have looked out of place in a warehouse or airport but looked spectacular half buried in the sand at the beach (but then, i am an old suitcase nut).

My only beef about the exhibition was with the over application of do not touch signs. I'm sorry but if you're going to take over such a public space then you can't expect people not to touch - surely that's the nature of sculpture. And the beach is not the place for anything too precious or fragile for kids to explore so lay off with the grumpy signage.

After the beach we made banana muffins and banana fritters and hardly made a dent in the banana bunch.


Mary Jane said...

Looks like fun, Is that stripey thing sculpture or a stack of paper? Congratulations on your Whiplash win!

cactus said...

thanks mary jane, it is fun to win a prize isn't it? I thought your dotty tea cozy was great too. That stripey thing was part of a series of sculptures that were inside the surf club.

Chema Mosquera said...

Hola Sherri, es increible pero navegando por google te he encontrado! Soy Chema, tu viejo compañero de piso de la calle Magdalena en Madrid. Ya han pasado doce años... Ahora vivo en Sevilla pero, please, escribeme a y te respondo. Estoy muy contento por encontrarte. Un beso muy grande.