Wednesday, March 21, 2007

time out

on saturday night Mr M and I were invited to a couple of parties so we arranged for the girls to have a sleepover at the grandies. A perfect opportunity to drink too much, stay out 'til all hours and sleep in as long as we wanted, i thought. Mr M had a different idea though, he thought it was the perfect opportunity to get up early on Sunday, drive north for two hours to Lancelin - the land of the long white dune - and spend several hours in the surf trying to stand up on a plank (or in his case, effortlessly standing up on a plank).

and these pictures tell the story really. What a great morning, perfect surf rolling in in three tiers - beginners waves up the front for the likes of me, another line behind and big waves right out the back for the real surfers. Sand dunes like snow fields, kangaroos and a crazy half hour drive on a pure white corrugated twisted sand track to reach the beach - not something you do every day.

This time i stood up at least a dozen times and once i even managed to stay on my feet for a whole 2 seconds! whoohoo get me back there.

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