Sunday, May 27, 2007

another day

Mr M got all excited last weekend and went out and bought a 2m wide retractable movie screen so that we could watch the FA cup final with a data projector borrowed from work. The game was terrifically boring and became known as the Sweet FA cup. The screen was a great success though, especially with the chillun.

Unfortunately the second time we used it we made a movie choice mistake and ended up sitting through a pile of poo billed on the cover as "the best rock and roll movie ever". Well i guess it could be, if you're 12 and the only other 'rock and roll' movie you've seen is 'Hilary Duff - All Access Pass'. Then again, i hated Amelie so don't take my word for it.

The six year old got her hands on the camera and decided she needed to catalogue every one of her Littlest Pets. Where do they get these ideas from? (She didn't photoshop them into a mosaic though, ehem, i did that)


emma said...

Oh sherri, I hope we can still be friends, amelie is my favourite movie! But I do have to agree on almost famous, boring and overrated. I'm loving those little pets, I wonder if my boys would go for those?

cactus said...

sorry emma, i always offend someone when i mention movies i don't like.
thanks for commenting - it's nice

Emma Anda said...

Hello - another fan of yours here called Emma, how confusing for you! I just left a comment on your flickr page about that mosaic party invite with the toys' faces and your kiddies' faces - it is just so gorgeous, such a wicked idea. I just love it. Looks like you have lots of fun with that mosaic maker thing, I will have to have a go of it, is it the one that is in flickr?

cactus said...

hi emma anda, actually i don't know anything about the mosaic maker thing i just fudge around with all the photos in photoshop but it sounds like software that does the job for you would save a bit of time. Thanks for popping in.