Thursday, May 03, 2007


Whenever there isn't a lot going on around here like now (well there's a bit going on - home renos and i'm doing some work and getting paid for it woohoo!) i tend to talk about the garden. I'll never get sick of it even though the same events happen year after year. We've finally had some rain here in Perth so everything's looking great in this window between deathly heat and being completely covered in a solid blanket of fallen leaves. This is the one pumpkin i managed to grow this year with seeds saved from a much bigger harvest a few years ago.

Back then i had a lot more space to sew pumps but now i've planted most of the garden out so this plant is winding its way between the trees and shrubs. I can watch the progress of the pumpkin through my kitchen window but i know when the time comes i'll hardly be able to bring myself to eat such a beautiful thing. As you can see they're a gigantic variety of butternut and even taste great too.

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