Saturday, May 12, 2007

plodding on

I've been pretty busy lately with many and varied pursuits. I've been chasing around after a builder or company who'll add a kind of glass/alfresco/conservatory type room to the front of our house extending out into the garden. Didn't realise it was so hard to get people to do stuff but i think i've finally pinned someone down who understands what i'm on about.

I've also decided that i need to learn website design so that i can set up a site to show the graphic/conceptual drawing type work i do. I've been producing lots of scientific/enviromental diagrams for Mark's environmental consultancy and he reckons if other companies and agencies knew i did them, i'd be inundated with work. Not sure if that's right (he's a pretty optimistic guy) but i reckon it's worth finding out and if i don't get that kind of work i can always design websites with my new skills. I'm not sure how i'm going to go about it yet - sign up for a crash course or teach myself - but i've started trying to find my way around Dreamweaver and getting a handle on html. Mark seems to think that the all the technobabble is going to completely bamboozle me (it's not my strong point) so i've got something to prove and it's about time i learnt something new again.

Another of my pastimes at the mo is potting up plants. I've offered to run the garden stall at our school fete this year and although it's still 6 months away! i know if i don't start now the stall will be an embarrassing failure. Last fete the plant stall, which i did a lot of work for but didn't run, made over two grand so i've got a big job to do. I'm pillaging my garden and anyone else's who'll let me.

Today i potted a couple of banana pups which i dug up but i've got no idea if they'll take or not because they came away without any roots at all. I love these kind of experiments though.

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