Thursday, May 17, 2007


well that's sorted - it was just a matter of disconnecting the keyboard from the computer and plugging it back in again. Very technical, and now i'm back where i started with no caps lock.

Running around the lake this morning, relieved to see it finally full of water and birds again instead of doing it's impression of a desert, i randomly chose an album to listen to on the ipod. It was Mermaid Avenue - Billy Bragg and Wilco singing songs written by Woody Guthrie probably in the nineteen forties or fifties. These are the songs that Woody, when he was dying in hospital in the late sixties, offered to Bob Dylan telling him to go and find them in the basement of his house in Coney Island. BD made the trip out there but because he didn't find Woody's wife there only a babysitter he left without searching the basement and forty years later the songs fell into the hands of Billy Bragg. Woody had a way with words and i can't even imagine what beautiful songs Bob would have made of them but still, i like this album and Billy Bragg singing (sans cockney accent) Walt Whitman's Niece and Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key are a couple of my favourites.

When i got home there was a package and it was a prize for my bone picture
for whiplash. Thanks Kath lots of fun stuff to make in there.

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